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Descriptive Text Vs report Text



Banyak buku Teks dan LKS (Lembar Kerja Siswa) yang kurang tepat dalam memberikan contoh teks deskriptif. Kebanyakan mereka memberikan contoh teks report ketika membahas teks deskriptif. Bahkan, waktu saya ikut pelatihan ToT (Training of Trainer) KBK Bahasa Inggris Tingkat Nasional (2004) pun yang membuat modul tentang Teks deskriptif keliru dalam memberikan contoh. Dan alhamdulillah kekeliruan itu telah dijelaskan oleh pembuat modul report. Teks descriptive and report memang sama sama memberi gambaran tentang sesuatu (describing things) tetapi ada perbedaan yang penting diantara keduanya. Baca lebih lanjut

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Generic structure of Recount Text



Generic structure of Recount text: Orientation, series of events and reorientation.

Here is the example:

Orientation: I was driving along to the coast road when the car suddenly lurched to one side.
Series of events:


Event 1 : At first, I thought a tire had gone
Event 2 :Then, I saw telegraph phones collapsing like math sticks.
Event 3 : The rocks came tumbling across the road and I had to abandon the car
Re-orientation : When I got back to the town, well, as I said, there wasn’t much left

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Berikut ini adalah contoh dari Recount Text


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Last Summer, I went to Italy. I visited museum and sat in the public garden. Then, a friendly waiter lent me a book. I read a few lines but I did not understand a word. Everyday, I thought about poscard. My holidays passed quickly but I did not send any card to my friends. On the last day, I made a big decision. I got up early and bought thirty seven cards. I spent my whole day in my room but I did not write a single card. (Taken from “Practice and Progress”)

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