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By Nur Taslimah

A. Description

PQRST, similar to SQ3R, guides the students through five steps as they engage with their reading: Preview, Question, Read, Summarize, and Test/teach. It is Before-, During-, and After-Reading Strategy.

B. Why is it used?

•  To make predictions

•  To promote active reading

•  To monitor comprehension

C. Steps for PQRST

 1. Preview:

Students skim the selection, paying attention to headings and supplementary pictures, charts, and notes, to make a prediction of the content of the piece.

 2. Question:

Students pose or create questions based on the headings of the sections and subsections.

3. Read:

As students read, they search for answers to the questions they have posed.

 4. Summarize:

Students write a summary of each section.

 5. Test/Teach:

After completing the reading, students respond to their questions they posed earlier and/or they teach each other by taking turns stating main ideas from the reading.

D. Grade/term             : VIII /2

E. Time allotment       : 2 x 40 minutes

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Contoh Recount Text: MY TERRIBLE WEEK





I was hospitalized for a week because of malaria last month. At first, I had headache, aching muscles, stomachache, and weakness. Then, I got fever, chills, loss of appetite and vomitting. I thought that I got cold, but the doctor said that I had malaria. I was afraid because people suffered from malaria can develope severe complications and die. The doctor and the nurse tried to calm me down. They said that malaria could be cured. The doctor then gave me medicine. After a week in the hospital, the doctor said that I could go home.

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Contoh Recount Text: A TRAGIC ACCIDENT



When I was walking home from school yesterday, I saw an accident. A car hit a motorcycle from behind. The driver could not control his car because he drove very fast.
The car didn’t stop after the accident. It even ran faster and disappeared. The traffic was not so crowded. No one came to help the motorcycle’s rider. He was injured badly. I was so scared at that time.
Thaen, I called the police and tried to find help for the victim. Soon, the police came. The police asked me some questions. I told them what happened. After that I went home because it was already dark.
It was really tragic.

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Contoh Recount Text: EARTHQUAKE

gempa bumiI had just got into bed about half past elevent when I felt the tremor. The bed started to tremble and I noticed the electric light hung in the ceiling was swaying.

Then, I got out of the bed quickly and went to look out of the window. As I looked, I saw the house opposite began to fall sideways. Then I realized what was happening. I put on my dressing gown hurriedly and rushed out into the garden.

I was alone in the house, my wife and children had gone to visit my mother in law.

For three or four minutes, I heard a terrible noise of walls falling down, and people screaming, and I saw clouds of dust in the air. Then the trembling stopped.

There were about fifty persons killed and more than two hundred injured. The damage to the property was considerable and about three hundred houses  would haveto be completely rebuilt. (Taken from Strategi Sukses Unas Bhs Inggris SMP/MTs)

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Generic structure of Recount Text



Generic structure of Recount text: Orientation, series of events and reorientation.

Here is the example:

Orientation: I was driving along to the coast road when the car suddenly lurched to one side.
Series of events:


Event 1 : At first, I thought a tire had gone
Event 2 :Then, I saw telegraph phones collapsing like math sticks.
Event 3 : The rocks came tumbling across the road and I had to abandon the car
Re-orientation : When I got back to the town, well, as I said, there wasn’t much left

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Berikut ini adalah contoh dari Recount Text


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Last Summer, I went to Italy. I visited museum and sat in the public garden. Then, a friendly waiter lent me a book. I read a few lines but I did not understand a word. Everyday, I thought about poscard. My holidays passed quickly but I did not send any card to my friends. On the last day, I made a big decision. I got up early and bought thirty seven cards. I spent my whole day in my room but I did not write a single card. (Taken from “Practice and Progress”)

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Contoh Recount Text # 2: Dinner

Seperti dijelaskan sebelumnya bahwa Recount Teks adalah jenis teks yang menguraikan atau menceritakan kejadian atau peristiwa yang telah lewat. Berikut adalah contoh lain dari recount text.

Last night was very hungry. I wanted to eat some meal, but there was nothing left in refrigerator. So I drove my car to the nearest restaurant. It’s the famous restaurant in my town. On the way something happened to my car. I felt something bumpy. Then I decided to show what was happened. I parked the car under the big lemon three on the left side of the road. After some time looked around my car, I found that the tire was flat. It turned out that the tire punctured nails. I was a little bit confused because it was almost 9 pm. I was definitely having trouble finding the garage to be drag the car and patched the tire. Baca lebih lanjut

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Teks recount adalah jenis teks yang menguraikan atau menceritakan kejadian atau peristiwa yang telah lewat, misalnya kecelakaan, laporan kegiatan, kunjungan ke suatu tempat, atau pengalaman lainnya. Teks Berikut adalah salah satu contohnya Baca lebih lanjut

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