This afternoon, I was in a hurry. I had to get Lawang before East Java Bank closed. Indeed, my school is in Wagir, a place that so far from Lawang. It’s about 40 km. I was a bit worried coz it was almost 12 o’clock while East Java bank closed at 2.00 pm. It take 2 up to 2.5 hours to reach Lawang using public transportation. I was continuously grumbling why we are always late to get the information. Today we get the information and tomorrow is the due time.

Besides, Tomorrow is Saturday, and the bank is closed. Moreover, why should we legalize the bank account? I think it is impossible for a person to submit the wrong bank account because she or he will be unlucky. Uughh.. Nothing to loose to fulfill the requirements!
Actually, since 10 am, I have negotiated my husband to take me home, but he said that he still has many works to do. I was a little bit annoyed that he blamed me why I don’t bring the bank account book with me. I replied what for we bring our blank bank account everywhere? It was also reluctant to ask for a help to my friend to take me to the road where the public transportation is available. I was just to and fro until Bu Puji took his motorcycle to go home. I asked for a lift. It was much better than walking along the hill and valley. If I complaint about the distance of the school from the street, my husband must blame me again why I cannot ride a motorcycle.

I chose the public transportation that has been many passengers inside so that it would not stop again and again. But, I was unlucky that the public transportation still stopped again and again at every block, just to wait uncertain passengers. At 12.30 the public transportation just reached Klojen and stopped for a long time that made me sleepy. Unintentionally, I dropped the helmed from my fingers. Braakkkk! Everyone was shocked!
“Hi Ms! Don’t drop your helm as you will! “Cried the driver staring at me!
I just kept silent, I was too lazy to deny
Where will you get off? Arjosari, isn’t it?
“Yes, sir” I replied calmly
Where??? In Arjosari, isn’t it? He cried more loudly
“Yesssss, sirrrr! I replied loudly and annoyed too!

Wait for a minute. Maybe there will be one or two more passengers. If you are in hurry please take a cab! How? Will I get a cab for You? Grumbled the driver.

I just keep silent. I was too reluctant to say a word. But, by the chance I saw a cab passed behind the public transportation.
“Yes, sir. I’ll take a cab anyway! I got off and gave 2500 rupiahs to the driver.
However, the cab has passed by. I was late to catch it. I saw the public transportation I took was gone in high speed. He was angry maybe because of my unexpected reply.

I considered the suggest of Mr. Driver. It’s better for me to take a cab, otherwise I would be late. But, I didn’t want to wait any longer or to phone the cab also took time. So, I decided to take another public transportation.

The second driver seemed to know that I was in a hurry, so he drove the car in high speed too. Not more than ten minute later we had reached Arjosari and hurriedly I took the public transportation to Lawang, LA. In this car, I met again a girl that took the same public transportation, in the first car. She told me that the driver was so rude to the passengers. There was a passenger that wanted to get off but the driver didn’t want to stop the car. And also, he threw the money from us. We were still lucky that we can get off safely!

I told her that actually I was unintentionally dropping the helmed. I thought the driver wanted to make a joke but his words were not really sound good. So I decided to take another public transportation!

OOo.. I think you will really take a cab! She said.

If I take a cab, I’ll not still be here now! I replied

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2 responses to “TAKE A CAB PLEASE

  1. is this nur taslimah? i think we went to the same university. ikip malang, 93 generation, right? how are you?

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