Contoh Recount Text: MY TERRIBLE WEEK





I was hospitalized for a week because of malaria last month. At first, I had headache, aching muscles, stomachache, and weakness. Then, I got fever, chills, loss of appetite and vomitting. I thought that I got cold, but the doctor said that I had malaria. I was afraid because people suffered from malaria can develope severe complications and die. The doctor and the nurse tried to calm me down. They said that malaria could be cured. The doctor then gave me medicine. After a week in the hospital, the doctor said that I could go home.


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3 responses to “Contoh Recount Text: MY TERRIBLE WEEK

  1. dyan

    tolong kasih language features nya sekalian dooong 🙂

  2. faiga

    bisa tolong buatkan teks percakapan recount?

  3. aldo MaMenz

    generic structure nya mana niich ?? :/

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