Contoh Recount Text: EARTHQUAKE

gempa bumiI had just got into bed about half past elevent when I felt the tremor. The bed started to tremble and I noticed the electric light hung in the ceiling was swaying.

Then, I got out of the bed quickly and went to look out of the window. As I looked, I saw the house opposite began to fall sideways. Then I realized what was happening. I put on my dressing gown hurriedly and rushed out into the garden.

I was alone in the house, my wife and children had gone to visit my mother in law.

For three or four minutes, I heard a terrible noise of walls falling down, and people screaming, and I saw clouds of dust in the air. Then the trembling stopped.

There were about fifty persons killed and more than two hundred injured. The damage to the property was considerable and about three hundred houses  would haveto be completely rebuilt. (Taken from Strategi Sukses Unas Bhs Inggris SMP/MTs)

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2 responses to “Contoh Recount Text: EARTHQUAKE

  1. kurang mngrti………………………..

  2. Uchiha Nodoka

    wah… Cool… Thanks ^_^.

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