Generic structure of Recount Text



Generic structure of Recount text: Orientation, series of events and reorientation.

Here is the example:

Orientation: I was driving along to the coast road when the car suddenly lurched to one side.
Series of events:


Event 1 : At first, I thought a tire had gone
Event 2 :Then, I saw telegraph phones collapsing like math sticks.
Event 3 : The rocks came tumbling across the road and I had to abandon the car
Re-orientation : When I got back to the town, well, as I said, there wasn’t much left

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12 responses to “Generic structure of Recount Text

  1. Hario Wicaksono

    Thanks Bozz tugas b inggris ane dah kebantu :-D

  2. kautsar

    thank’s ya..

  3. vega FL

    akhirnye selese juga tugasku hyuehyehyehye

  4. Amalia T Kusuma

    Thanks for it :) :D

  5. Thanxx Yak Mba . Tgas Sya Jadi Selesai Deh ..

  6. ihsan muhtadi

    Thank you ya bos

  7. Ririn Prandyta Devvi

    Thanks you for it..

  8. SerLiinDaah

    Noo (n)

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