Contoh Recount Text # 2: Dinner

Seperti dijelaskan sebelumnya bahwa Recount Teks adalah jenis teks yang menguraikan atau menceritakan kejadian atau peristiwa yang telah lewat. Berikut adalah contoh lain dari recount text.

Last night was very hungry. I wanted to eat some meal, but there was nothing left in refrigerator. So I drove my car to the nearest restaurant. It’s the famous restaurant in my town. On the way something happened to my car. I felt something bumpy. Then I decided to show what was happened. I parked the car under the big lemon three on the left side of the road. After some time looked around my car, I found that the tire was flat. It turned out that the tire punctured nails. I was a little bit confused because it was almost 9 pm. I was definitely having trouble finding the garage to be drag the car and patched the tire.

Finally I decided to leave the car at the curb and continue the journey with another car ride. Unfortunately there was no passing car. I waited anda waited for a passing cars again. Almost two hours I waited but no cars at all. My stomach was very hungry. I fell asleep from exhaustion. Suddenly I woke up. Someone knocked on the windshield. I saw a policeman. Well it turned out it was already noon.

Info Menarik :
Mau bisa berbahasa inggris tanpa ribet grammar?

Ada beberapa contoh pelajaran yang bisa diunduh gratis


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5 responses to “Contoh Recount Text # 2: Dinner

  1. Okta

    What the Title………………………………………………………………………?

  2. Zaki

    thank you for your Blog, it helps us and we want to be a member of your blog… again thanks a lot

  3. kurng lngkap nh,,,, sy pngn nyri tmbahan mtri bt bahan ajr,,,, lo bs tlng d lngkapin yachhhh

  4. Rifki

    Jadi inget lagi nih….

  5. noris

    apa judulnyaa…..?????

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